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Does K-State have an EndNote License? 

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K-State subscribes to RefWorks and does not have a license for the EndNote software. You can still use EndNote for exporting/downloading/saving citations from many of our library databases. Additionally, you can use free programs like Zotero and Mendeley.

For information about using RefWorks, try this guide

More questions? Please Ask a Librarian

See also
RefWorks: What is it? How do I use it?

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How do I search for a specific journal?

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You can see if we have access to a specific journal by using our Search It tool. From the middle of the Libraries' home page, click on "Search It Advanced." This displays a search box.

To demonstrate this concept, we've searched for "Journal of Family Therapy." This video shows the steps below. 

  1. In the first drop down box, change Any to "in the title"
  2. If you are certain of the title, in the second drop down box, change contains to "is (exact)" -- if you are not certain, leave the default; there will be more results
  3. Type in the name of the journal
    * if you are not certain of the title, type in a few of the keywords
    * to narrow your results, use quotations around the words you know are side-by-side - "journal of family"
  4. Beside Material Type: field, choose Journals
  5. Click the Search button

 Here are the results of the demonstrated search:

The first title looks promising. Notice it says "Multiple Versions." If I click on this icon, it will display various formats and locations. See image below.

The View It link will display the electronic journal or if the journal is available from more than one vendor, a list of links and the years the journal is available.

If you see a link to Find it at the Library, we have the journal in paper format and clicking on this link will display holdings and locations. 

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Besides Hale Library, where can I study on campus? 

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Suggestions for Other Study and Meeting Rooms on Campus

Ask in the office of your college or unit for suggestions

Leadership Studies

K-State students, faculty, and staff, no charge
General Building Policy
Reservation Form

Alumni Center

K-State students, faculty, staff, and Alumni Association members, no charge
 - - four 4-8 person conference rooms may be reserved Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
Larger rooms and non-university fees  - Rent the Alumni Center

K-State Union

The Union is open 24/7.

No charge in some rooms for OSAS registered student organizations
No charge for Staterooms 1, 2, or 3 when used by University departments
Rooms and fees - See Appendix B of the Union Governing Board Policies
Detailed room descriptions
Online reservation tool

International Student Center

No charge, available to all, no reservation needed
-- Small lounge (up to 6 people) and lobby (up to 20 people)
For a fee, Multipurpose Room

Jardine / Housing and Dining

For a fee, available to everyone, indoor and outdoor spaces at Jardine
Several spaces have up-to-date technology
Catering available through nearby JP's Sports Grill
Reservation Form

Career Center

Individuals who need a room for a job interview can schedule one with the Career Center by calling 785-532-1681.

Business Administration

Small (2-6 people) study rooms and individual study spaces throughout the building. Contact the Student Success Center for more information by calling 785-532-6180. 

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Is there another place to go study when the library closes?

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Kansas State University at Manhattan

The Anita C. Lehner 24-Hour Study Area on the first floor of Hale Library is always open.

The Student Union is open 24 hours Sunday-Thursday - see here for information. 

Kansas State Polytechnic

To learn about the availability of study places other than the Kansas State Polytechnic Library, contact a Kansas State Polytechnic librarian.

See also
Hours: How late are you open?
Check out: Can I check out books from Hale Library after Library Help closes?



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What hardware and software is available to the public?

11211 views   |   0 Last updated on Dec 28, 2016    Locating Material Databases Equipment & Technology

Hale Library

As a member of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) and as a land-grant institution, we proudly serve Kansas residents. In addition to millions of books, we offer free public access to government information, popular software programs, and hundreds of scholarly databases. Over 200 computers, printers, scanners, and photocopiers are scattered throughout Hale's InfoCommons. The Anita C Lehner 24-hour Study Area has computers and a printer. If you need a few pages printed out, Library Help will be happy to print these for you.

For assistance with the software or the computers, contact the IT Help Desk, 214 Hale Library (785-532-7722). For assistance with the databases or with your information needs, Ask a Librarian.

Math / Physics, Kansas State Polytechnic, Weigel Architecture, and the Veterinary Medical Libraries

To learn what hardware and software is available on the computers at any of these libraries, contact the individual library directly.

See also
Software in the labs and InfoCommons
Library Equipment LibGuide
Information for Community Users
Community Patron Library Cards

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Rooms and Spaces in Hale Library

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Rooms and Spaces in Hale Library

214 -  The  IT Help Desk and the Media Development Center,  west of Library Help on the 2nd floor of Hale Library.  How to get to the IT Help Desk

301 - The Montgomery Family Conference Room, Hale 301A, is on the south side of the third floor of Hale Library. Map
401 - The William T. Kemper Foundation Conference Room, Hale 401B, is on the south side of the fourth floor of Hale Library. Map

Both 301 and 401 are available for K-State students, staff, and faculty to reserve evenings (after 5:00 pm) and weekends. Feel free to use one of the rooms anytime, day or night, if no one else is occupying the rooms or has it reserved. A RoomWizard device displays the scheduled appointments outside each room. The equipment in the room is unavailable for public use, however you can checkout equipment from ITAC; please contact ITAC (532-4918) after making your reservation. 

                   room with tables and whiteboards


407 - Room 407 is a computing lab located on the north side of the fourth floor of Hale library. The capacity for people in this room is 49.

501 - The Hemisphere Room is located on the 5th floor. Once you exit the elevator or stairway, go through the double doors to your right. Reserve the Hemisphere Room

Public Spaces

Meditation Alcove - The Meditation Alcove is located on the south side of the 4th floor in Hale Library. To provide a quiet, contemplative, and reflective space welcomed by all, we ask that you please practice quietly and that you do not move furniture or leave personal items in the alcove.

                                                         View of entrance to Meditation room        View of entrance to Meditation room

Quiet Floor - In Hale Library, we have designated the entire third floor, including the Great room, as our quiet area. If a person or group of people are being particularly noisy in a quiet zone, use the Ask-a-Librarian chat widget and let us know where the noise is coming from. We can send a library staff person or security guard to request they lower their voices or move to a different floor. Keep in mind that these are "quiet", not "silent" zones and there may be some noise occasionally.

InfoCommons - Located in Hale Library, the InfoCommons is a university computer lab supported by Information Technology Services. Hale Library has hundreds of computers (PCs and Macs) available throughout the building,the majority of which are on the 2nd floor.

This chart displays PC computers that are idle and most likely available for use: Computers available in Hale by floor - chart does not include Mac computers

Other Library Spaces

Graduate Study Rooms - Hale Library has fifty-one individual desks in a shared space available for graduate study. For access or more information see: Graduate Study Rooms

Anita C Lehner 24 hour Study Area

Kansas State Polytechnic, Math/Physics, Weigel Architecture, and the Veterinary Medical Libraries

To learn about the availability of rooms or study areas at any of these libraries, please contact the individual library directly.


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I think my relative attended Kansas State University. How can I find a photograph or other information?

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Kansas State University yearbooks are digitized and available through the Internet Archive.

Simply locate the Royal Purple for the year you think your relative attended K-State, then search the issue. If there are no results, try other years.  If again, there are no results, contact Morse Special Collections at Your relative may have attended a different institution or have been enrolled in a short course or extension program.

To confirm dates and degrees, it is best to contact the Office of the Registrar,

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Are the Libraries open over Break?

10857 views   |   0 Last updated on Dec 28, 2016    Building Hours

Most of the Libraries remain open, with reduced hours, during semester breaks and other days when classes are not in session. K-State Libraries close for university holidays. Even when the main library (Hale) or other libraries on the Manhattan campus are closed, the "Anita C. Lehner 24-hour Study Area," located on the 1st floor of Hale Library is always open. You can see if a library is open by checking their hours.

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Can I have food or drinks in the Libraries?

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Hale Library

Food is allowed in Hale Library - here are some things you should know before indulging.

  • Food and drink are permitted in all areas of Hale Library except Archives and Special Collections on the 5th floor and classroom 407.
  • Drinks should have a secure lid to minimize spills.
  • If you spill or see a mess left behind, let a staff member know right away.
  • Please dispose of wrappers and containers in the appropriate trash cans.
  • No coffeepots or cooking appliances are allowed.
  • No deliveries inside the buildings. When making delivery orders, ask to meet them outside of the library.
In Hale Library, food and beverages are available at Einstein Brother's Bagels and in our vending area. Both are located on the first floor of Hale near the Sunflower entrance. The K-State Student Union provides a number of other food options.

Weigel Architecture Library

There are vending machines available throughout Seaton Hall. 

Kansas State Polytechnic, Math/Physics, and the Veterinary Medical Libraries

To learn about the food and drink policies and the availability of food at any of these libraries, contact the individual library directly.

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Can I check out items after Library Help closes?

10788 views   |   0 Last updated on Dec 28, 2016    Getting Help Hours Checking Out Materials

Image of self-checkout station

Two 3M Self Check stations, located on the 2nd floor of Hale Library, are available for use whenever the building is open, even after the librarians go home. 

  1. Swipe your K-State ID card in the reader
  2. Place your item’s barcode under the red laser beam
  3. Place the spine of your item into the v-shaped crevice to de-sensitize it
  4. Repeat this process for each item you wish to borrow
  5. Check out audio tapes and items without barcodes at Library Help during our staffed hours 
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Can I print in Hale Library?

10766 views   |   0 Last updated on Jan 27, 2017    Equipment & Technology Printing

K-State Libraries provides printers that allow black & white and color printing. You can use one of our PCs or Macs, or print from your own laptop. 

For detailed information on printing, see this guide or click one of the links below.

If you have other printing questions, please feel free to Ask a Librarian



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What library services are available to distance students?

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 Virtually all library services are available to distance students. You can

See also:

Get It - Accessing Digital Resources

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Introduction to Interlibrary Loan

10741 views   |   0 Last updated on Jan 19, 2017    Missing Book Articles Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan allows us to borrow from and lend to other libraries.  When K-State Libraries don’t own the item(s) you need, or the items are already checked out by someone else, you can request an interlibrary loan (except for textbooks).

Does it cost?

Although there is a fee for K-State, rarely is it passed onto patrons. If there is a fee or a charge for a special item, you will be notified and asked if you wish to pay the charge.

We do not charge for scanning articles or for shipping materials to distance students and instructors, but you are responsible for the cost of shipping materials back to the library. We will ship physical materials like books and musical scores for remote patrons by UPS to addresses internationally.

Can I request a textbook through Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan does not borrow class-required textbooks from other libraries.

We may have a copy, or an older edition, of your textbook. See Textbook: Do you have my textbook? 

If we do not own the textbook, it can be purchased from a bookstore. Grants for purchasing textbooks are available. Contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance for more information. Phone 877-817-2287 or email:

How do I register for an ILLIAD account?

You can submit Interlibrary Loan requests through our ILLiad system. This system will allow you to not only submit requests, but also to edit them, ask for renewals, and download articles you have requested as PDF files. It is easy to set up an account: 

  1. From the left side of the K-State Libraries' home page, click the "Interlibrary Loan" 
  2. Login with your eID and password - if you do not have an ILLiad account, it will prompt you to create one
  3. Complete the registration form
  4. For assistance, contact Interlibrary Services at or (785) 532-7440

How do I make a request?

The item I need is already checked out:

  1. If you haven't done so already, Sign In to Search It
  2. From the checked out record, click on "Find it at the Library"
  3. Click "Request from Interlibrary Loan" - log in with your eID and password
  4. Since you already logged into Search It, the form will auto populate
  5. Click the Submit Request button

        You can also

  1. You can log in to Interlibrary Services from our home page with your eID and password
  2. Select the appropriate item under Make a New Request (on the left side of the page)
  3. Fill out the form as completely as you can and click the Submit Request button

         Requesting from Google Scholar:

If you’ve found an article on Google Scholar, look for the ‘Get it @KSU’ link on the righthand side. Clicking the link will take you to the result in Search It. If we do not have access, you can choose the “Not Available? Request from Interlibrary Loan” link. If you are not logged in, you’ll be prompted to, and then the form should autopopulate.

After submitting a request, you can check the status of a request by choosing the Illiad Home near the top left. You will be notified at whatever email you provided when you set up the account with further updates. You can also contact Interlibrary Loan directly by calling 785-532-7440 or email

The library doesn't have the item I need:

You have several options: 

  • If you can wait a few days, request it through our Interlibrary Loan service. If you need only a chapter from the book, you can usually get an electronic copy through Interlibrary Loan in 2-5 days.
    • Textbooks are an exception: we will not contact other libraries to borrow textbooks that are required reading for a K-State class.

If you are in a hurry, you could check the catalog at the Manhattan Public Library or check other local libraries to see if they have the item you need. You can do this by checking the FirstSearch WorldCat database.

  • Click on the link above and enter the title of the item you want
  • Click on the "Libraries Worldwide" link to see other libraries that own this item, starting with those in Kansas
  • You may not be able to check out the item you need if you do find it at another library, but you could visit the location to view it
  • You could also try searching for it in Google Books. If the item is older, there might be a full copy of the book online. If it is newer, you can usually still read the table of contents and a few select pages. It is worth a try if you just want to skim the contents.

Document delivery: What is it?

Document delivery is a service provided by Interlibrary Services (ILS) to K-State faculty, staff, and students, for K-State Libraries-owned material. ILS staff will scan and post PDF files for retrieval from your ILLiad account upon e-mail notification. Requests are submitted through the proxy login to ILS.

We will scan:

  • Articles and one chapter from journals and books in K-State Libraries up to 50 pages in length
  • Limit of one chapter per book; otherwise, check out K-State Libraries' copy of the book
  • Articles and short documents from microfiche/microfilm up to 30 pages in length

Allow at least 5 weekdays (Mondays-Fridays) to process your request.

How long does it take to get Interlibrary Loan materials?

Typically, there is a 2-5 day waiting period for electronic items like journal articles or book chapters. Physical materials can take between 3-10 days for us to receive the item on campus. Distance users should expect 6-17 days for the UPS delivery of the requested item. Be sure to verify your shipping address is up-to-date - if you aren't sure, log in to Illiad, and select "My Account" in the upper right corner. 

You should allow plenty of time when making requests. It pays to plan ahead if you need an item by a specific date. Waiting until the last minute to complete research for a project will lower your chances of our interlibrary services being able to meet your deadlines.

Where do I pick up items borrowed through Interlibrary Loan?

You will receive an email when your item is ready to be picked up. If you have requested a book, CD, map or other physical material, it will be waiting for you at the location you specified when you signed up for your ILLiad account - either Library Help on the 2nd floor of Hale Library, the Veterinary Medical Library, or K-State at the Polytechnic Library.

If you have requested an electronic article or book chapter, log into your ILLiad account to retrieve a copy of it. Once logged in, under "Request History" click on Past Requests to download or print a copy of your previous request. You can also select an item and select "Clone Request" to request an item again. 

How can I renew an Interlibrary Loan?

  • Log in to your Illiad account.
  • Locate the loan to renew, under "Checked Out Items", and verify that it says "yes" in the "Renewal Allowed?" column.
  • If renewable, you may request renewals before the due date. 
  • When requesting a renewal, you'll receive a tentative two-week renewal. The lending library may give you a longer or shorter renewal, or occasionally will not approve the renewal. You will be notified by email of the lending library's response.
  • To submit the renewal request, click on "Renewals," near the top of the screen. If "Renew Request" is not on the screen, either the loan is not renewable or you are blocked due to overdue items.

Contact Information

Call us at (785) 532-7440 or send an e-mail to

Miscellaneous Questions

Can non-university user use Interlibrary Loan services?

No, please contact your local public library for this service.

Why does the Interlibrary Loan department close for a week in December?

Every year, Interlibrary Loan closes for a week around the holidays. You can expect the office to be closed roughly between Christmas (December 25th) and New Year's (January 1st). Interlibrary Loan will post the closed dates on ILLiad, so when you place a request, you can easily see the dates. Interlibrary Loan closes for a week because the majority of libraries we borrow material from close too. This means that even if our office stayed open, there's no one on the other end to receive our request and send us materials.

You can still submit Interlibrary Loan requests and they'll be processed when the office reopens in early January. Document delivery requests will take a little longer to process when the office opens due to the backlog. If you have a pressing need for a quick turnaround, be sure to indicate this when you place your request. You may still pick up and return your Interlibrary Loan materials at Library Help on Hale Library's 2nd floor, if that is where you usually pick up your material.

If a K-State Libraries' book is checked out, can I request a copy through Interlibrary Loan?

What if I receive an incomplete or unreadable copy?
If the pages are unreadable, missing, or wrong, save or print what you received because your original PDF file will be gone once we request a re-send. To request a new copy, contact Interlibrary Services (785-532-7440) and tell us the Transaction Number of the request and which page(s) was omitted or unreadable.

Can I borrow or purchase a copy of a dissertation or thesis?

Looking for dissertations or theses from other universities? Many are accessible online through Dissertations and Theses Full Text. Citations with the "Full Text - PDF" link are available for download at no cost to K-State students, faculty, and staff. Electronic versions of many K-State dissertations, theses, and reports are also available free from K-State Research Exchange (K-REx).

Interlibrary Services can usually borrow dissertations and theses. When they are unable to borrow one, you may be able to purchase it by clicking on the “Order a copy” link in Dissertations and Theses - Full Text.

How can I tell if an article I want is offered in English or another language?
Most of the databases on K-State Libraries' website have a "language" field. Try clicking on the article title to see the complete information about the article. Also, in your request form you can specify acceptable languages besides English. 




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What are microforms?

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Microforms are simply miniaturized copies of written documents. The term 'microforms' refers to several different miniaturization formats. The following are the four types of microform material found in Hale Library:

Microfilm - a 35mm strip of transparent film that is wrapped around a small reel (just like old movies!)

roll of microfilm










Microfiche - a transparent card that is usually 4x6 inches.

transparent card with small images of pages





Microcard - a non-transparent card that is approximately 3x5 inches. Microprint - a larger non-transparent card, normally 5x7 inches.

non-transparent card with small images of pages

Ask a Librarian if you think you need to use microform material. In addition to helping you find the individual items, they may be able to help you find the document in a more readily accessible format.

Microform material saves physical space and helps preserve information from physical decay. Use a microform reader to read through these materials - we have one on the 2nd floor of Hale Library near Library Help, and more on the 3rd floor.

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What are scholarly or peer-reviewed sources and how can I find them?

10659 views   |   0 Last updated on Dec 28, 2016    Articles Research Databases

What is a scholarly source?

Scholarly sources are

  • written by researchers (like your professors) to be read by other scholars (including other professors, researchers, and undergraduate and graduate students)
  • written to explore research and ideas to increase our knowledge and understanding
  • a conversation between scholars to discuss and examine research, methods, and theories
  • written by scholars and reviewed by scholars, known as peer-reviewed

What is a peer-reviewed source?

A peer-reviewed source has been reviewed and approved by one or more individuals who have expertise in the topic. This process is intended to ensure that only high quality, methodologically sound information is presented.

How can I find scholarly or peer-reviewed sources?

  • In Search It, limit your results by applying the "Peer-Reviewed Journals" filter 
  • In Kansas State University Libraries' databases, some databases include only scholarly sources, and others will permit you to search only scholarly sources or view only scholarly sources.
  • Books can be found in Search It and in our databases of ebooks.

How do I know I've found a scholarly and/or peer-reviewed source?

If you aren't sure, take a look at the Anatomy of a Scholarly Article from North Carolina State University or at Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory, which provides information on over 210,000 regularly and irregularly published journals. Ulrich's is a great place to look for more information because it indicates the intended audience and whether a journal publishes peer-reviewed articles.




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Do you have materials to help me prepare for exams such as GRE or TOEFL?

10606 views   |   0 Last updated on Dec 28, 2016    Getting Help Exam Preparation Librarians

Most of our recent GRE (Graduate Record Exam) preparation items are on reserve, located at Library Help on the 2nd floor of Hale Library. We also have items in the stacks and in other campus libraries, including Kansas State Polytechnic. To see a complete list, search for GRE in Search It.

  • in the middle of our home page, click on the Search It Advanced link
  • choose the K-State Libraries only option
  • type in GRE or TOEFL in the search box
  • change the Material Type: to Books
  • click the Search button
    • This will display both Electronic Resources and those Available in the Library

Learning Express

Learning Express  provides practice tests, tutorial courses, and ebooks to help students succeed on the academic or licensing tests. For more information, including how to access Learning Express off-campus or on a mobile device, see this guide


Testing Programs and Services

K-State is a national testing site. The Kansas State Testing Center offers the paper/pencil GRE Subject Test.

K-State's Testing Programs and Service office - Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Graduate and Professional Exams.


See also
Reserves: How can I check out reserves items?


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Do you have my textbook?

10357 views   |   0 Last updated on Dec 28, 2016    Locating Material Checking Out Materials Reserves

We may. Although we do not usually have textbooks for K-State courses, some instructors bring us their personally owned textbooks so we can place the copies on Reserve and we occasionally receive older editions as donations.

To check our Reserves collection:

1.    In the middle of our home page, type in the textbook title and select K-State Libraries course reserves

2.    Type in a subject such as history in the search box or the textbook title

4.    Then, if needed, Refine My Results by choosing a link under Course Name, Course Code and Section, Course Instructors, or Academic Department

5.    If you don't find it; we may still have it. Contact Library Help and we will check for you.


To check our collection for an older edition:

1.    Type in the name of the book in Search It, the search box located in the middle of our home page

2.    If needed, you can Refine My Results by Library, Resource Type, or other facets

3.    If we own a copy, it will display with a location and other information - you can use this map to locate the item or feel free to ask at the Library Help desk. 


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Where is Library Help in Hale Library?

10290 views   |   0 Last updated on Jan 27, 2017    Getting Help Building

Library Help is located on the north side of the second floor and is visible from Hale Library's main entrance. You can go to Library Help for help answering questions about the university or libraries, help with research, equipment issues, check out material, pick up your Interlibrary Loan request, check out Reserve material and more. Stop by and see us, we're glad you're here. 

 View of Library Help desk from front gatesMap of second floor in Hale Library

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Where are computers located in Hale Library?

10277 views   |   0 Last updated on Dec 28, 2016    Locations Equipment & Technology Building

The InfoCommons, which includes Hale Library, is a university computer lab supported by Information Technology Services (ITS). Hale Library has PCs and Macs throughout the building, with the majority located on the (main) 2nd floor.

This chart displays PC computers that are idle and most likely available for use:

Computers available in Hale by floor - chart does not include Mac computers

The orange squares in the image below show where all of our computers are located. This image, though a little out-of-date, still gives a general idea of where the computers are located.
image of the locations of computer in Hale Library


See also: Library Equipment Guide

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Where is the 24-Hour Study Area?

10210 views   |   0 Last updated on Jan 27, 2017    Locations Equipment & Technology Study Building

The Anita C. Lehner 24-Hour Study Area is located on the 1st floor. It has both Mac and PC computers, a printer, and provides electronic access to resources when the main part of Hale Library is closed. Pay phones provide free on-campus calls.

Need a snack? The study area houses Einstein Brothers Bagels and has vending machines

Study space with tables and chairs   Students collaborating by a desktop computer 

                      Map showing location in library

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