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Microforms: film, fiche, print, cards

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Microforms are simply miniaturized copies of written documents. The term 'microforms' refers to several different miniaturization formats. The following are the four types of microform material:

Microfilm - a 35mm strip of transparent film that is wrapped around a small reel (just like old movies!)

roll of microfilm










Microfiche - a transparent card that is usually 4x6 inches.

transparent card with small images of pages





Microcard - a non-transparent card that is approximately 3x5 inches. Microprint - a larger non-transparent card, normally 5x7 inches.

non-transparent card with small images of pages

Ask a Librarian if you think you need to use microform material. In addition to helping you find the individual items, they may be able to help you find the document in a more readily accessible format.

Microform material saves physical space and helps preserve information from physical decay. Use a microform reader to read through these materials - contact us at to find the most convenient location!

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