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Printing, Scanning, and CatCash

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Since the fire in Hale Library, we have worked hard to restore access. For information on where to access computers, printers, and/or scanners, check out the service locations page for a complete list, and utilize our campus map (using the Hale Recovery overlay) to see locations for technology use as well as service desks and study spaces. 

How to Print

Use PaperCut to send print jobs to print stations around campus. If you're using your laptop, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you're connected to KSU Wireless or KSU Housing Wireless. 
  2. Go to and sign in using your eID. 
  3. Click on Web Print in the left navigation menu. 
  4. Click Submit a Job.
  5. Select the printer you want to use
    1. Costs per page
      1. Black and White (one sided) - $.10
      2. Black and White (double sided) - $.18
      3. Color $.35
  6. Click 2. Print Options and Account Selection
  7. Type the number of copies you want; click 3. Upload Documents
  8. Click Upload from Computer  and select the document* you want to print 
    1. *If you're using OneDrive, Google Drive, Canvas, or another online platform, you'll need to download the document to your computer in order to upload it to PaperCut. 
  9. Click Upload and Complete - you should see a status that your item is being "Held in Queue"
  10. Release the print job at a print station by either swiping your K-State ID or signing in with your K-State eID and password. 

Reprints and Refunds 

If you did not receive your printout or the copy is low quality, you can request a reprint by visiting the IT HelpDesk in the Cats Pause Lounge (Student Union, 2nd floor) - they will try to reprint it for you.

You can also request a refund through PaperCut by clicking Recent Print Jobs from the left navigation menu. Under Status, locate the print job and click Request Refund. 

Printing Balance and Cat Cash

To check your printing balance, log in to PaperCut or you can check your Cat Cash funds by logging in through K-State Connect for balance information. 

Still have questions? Please Ask a Librarian for help!

See Also:

Software in the labs  - see if we have your desired software and/or programs like LaTex, SPSS, Adobe Photoshop, etc. 

The Copy Center in the Student Union offers more services such as printing, binding, and faxing. Please note that your papercut print funds are not applicable for charges accrued at the Copy Center. 

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