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Can I print or fax in Hale Library, and can I use Cat Cash?

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K-State Libraries provides printers that allow black & white and color printing. You can use one of our PCs or Macs, or print from your own laptop. 

We also offer faxing through our INK Station. For detailed information on printing, see this guide or click one of the links below.

  • How to Print - Step-by-step instructions for printing in the InfoCommons or from your laptop. 
  • Printing Costs - Find out prices for black & white printing, color printing, and faxing!
  • Add Cat Cash to your Student Account - Add Cat Cash, check your print balance, and learn where you can add money to your account. 
  • Reprints and Refunds - You have options if you did not receive your print out or the copy is of poor quality. 

If you have other printing questions, please feel free to Ask a Librarian