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Why isn't Hale Library open 24/5? 

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Please be assured that it is one of our top priorities to restore 24/5 hours at Hale as the financial situation at the University allows.   This year, we have taken additional cuts to our operating budget, so it still is something that we will work toward, but are not able to fund this year.  The 24-hour study area on the first floor remains open 24/7.


Q: Why is the Library not open all night during the week?  

A: The decision to suspend Hale's 24/5 hours during the semester was made at the beginning of the fall semester in 2016.   The decision was made after two years of budget reductions, primarily absorbed by reductions to materials purchased and leaving staff positions vacant.  With the 2016 reduction, the library could no longer fund the security and custodial positions required to keep the building open.   Here are links to information that was provided at the time.


Q: How much would the cost be to cover the staff and electricity if the library remained opened during the night hours?   

A: The Library is only responsible for staff costs - which were estimated at approximately $110,000 at that time.


Q: I have more questions – is there somebody I can speak with?  

A: As the Director responsible for the operation of the building and the finances, Roberta Johnson is always happy to answer any questions you have to follow up on this information. You can reach her at 785-532-2934 or

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