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Movable Shelves: A Quick Overview

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Movable book shelves, also called "compact shelving," can be found in the Kansas State Polytechnic Library.

Library patrons may look for books and other materials in these areas.Movable shelving units

  - To move a shelf to the right, press the right-hand arrow.
  - To move a shelf to the left, press the left-hand arrow.
  - To move multiple shelves, simply push the right or left arrow next to the row that you want to open.
  - If no one is standing in the row you want to move, and it won't move, press the reset button and then the left or right arrow. If the reset button doesn't work, text or visit Library Help and we will send someone to manually reset the shelves.

Thanks to sensors, the compact shelving will not move if someone is standing between two shelves, even if you push the buttons and/or attempt to reset the system. 



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